Customising Company Email Address with G Suite

September 13, 2018. Written by Angel Lungtad.


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Often an email can make or break a business. Most especially start-ups.

An email can enhance the company’s brand, reputation or promote recall. This is why many companies would shell out expenses to customise email addresses into something like this name@companyname.com

Assume that you are a marketing representative of your company wooing a certain client. Another competitor comes to market his product. You exchange contacts with your potential client, you exchange email. You have your regular email address while your competitors present his customised email address. The customised email address comes with the company’s name, which immediately gives a positive first impression on the customer.

Always remember first impression counts. This is true when you are sending cold emails to prospective clients. We know that the email address itself is a powerful marketing tool and we will provide you with many ways to utilize it. With the all-new Gmail experience in G Suite, it will provide you with a powerful email too.

You might be wondering what is G Suite. It is a package of secure cloud-based productivity tools which provides seamless collaboration with your business team. And an improved version of the ever-reliable basic Gmail. You would get the pumped-up version and among its enhancement includes:

Customised email address

Get secure, private and ad-free email for your business. You can also customise your email address for a more professional sounding email. You can also create a customised email address for your team.

More than your usual email

From the basic 15 GB of storage in the basic Gmail. The new Gmail now has 30 GB (can be upgraded to unlimited storage). Apart from emails, the enhanced Gmail has video conferencing capabilities, you can also file share with tools such as Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Enhanced collaboration

The Gmail is your gateway to G Suite. Store, Sync and Share in real-time with your colleagues. G Suite gives you unlimited flexibility in running your business. You can access it through your laptop, tablets and smartphones, it also lets you work on your email offline.

With the new native offline capabilities in Gmail, you can still work without interruption when you can’t find a Wi-Fi access. Search, write, reply, delete, or archive up to 90 days even when you are offline. And this will be made available in the coming weeks.

Stay on top of your email

Machine Learning and the new Artificial Intelligence help make life easier when using Gmail. AI features such as Smart-Reply, Nudging, High-priority notifications that notifies you with high-priority messages. It also blocks out unwanted spam emails.

Most of us get emails more than we can deal with on a daily basis, and sometimes things slip through. Gmail now will ‘nudge’ you to follow up or respond to a message, making sure you don’t miss anything.

With Smart Reply, it processes hundreds of millions of messages helping you respond faster. While staying on top of your email effortlessly with high priority notifications, helping you spend more time on work that matters.

Safe and Secure

The all-new G Suite not only lets you work smarter, more effectively but also safer. Google’s up-to-date data-protection, spam filtering features makes Gmail a safe and secure location for sending and receiving your files.

Get Started

With Deskscaler, a certified Google Cloud Partner, we can offer you an email that aside from enhancing your company’s brand and reputation it also comes with different features that will help your business with improved connectivity, collaboration and productivity.

These are among the enhanced features of G Suite and you can start these new updates in Gmail today. If you are interested, we at Deskscaler would be happy to answer your queries and assist you in your G Suite migration. You can contact our authorized Deskscaler representative.