Google Cloud and Collaborate

August 29, 2018. Written by Angel Lungtad.


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Tired of the old office set-up?

Let me tell of my experience. I was running a branch of a marketing company with sixteen (16) employees. The core of the business was the sales and marketing department with about half of the employees working in the department.

Our office set-up was laptops for the employees of the department. During quarterly sales reports the office had to collaborate with each other to prepare for our office report which we had to send to our main office. The collaboration was tedious and cumbersome. Some of the files were sent by email and some physically were shared by USBs.

There was one instance when our laptops were infected by some malware through an infected USB from one of my subordinates. There were so many data from our sales reports, our emails were a chaotic inbox of data.

Then came Google Cloud. Our office thought of having our operations streamlined by subscribing to Google Cloud and the results were astounding.

First, Google Cloud is easy-to-use

We were intimidated at first like only some geeky IT nerd would be able to operate it. But we were wrong its just simple store, sync and share with G Suite.

Second, there is G Suite

You might be asking what is G Suite? It is actually a wide range of applications or tools based on the cloud which is collaborative in nature. Goodbye to chaotic storage devices or infected USBs. With G Suite, you get seamless collaboration and making emails safer and simpler to use.

It works this way, we have a centralized cloud storage called the Google Drive. Whatever is uploaded by our sales and marketing department team can be seen and accessed by them. They can create, edit or share on the drive in real-time. No more downtime as compared to using emails or USBs.

Also, Google Drive is safe and secure. It contains data protection features which are unparalleled. Rest assured your files are safe in the Google Cloud.

Third, working with Google Cloud gives you the flexibility

You can work anywhere while working on your reports. It enables you to work on your laptop, tablet and smartphones while ensuring your security and privacy.

Fourth is it lowers our office operating costs

When we wanted to streamline our office operations we had several options. One was to hire IT professionals to set-up a unified server, these include buying new hardware for it. With Google Cloud, we just have to subscribe to a scalable package and they took care of the rest. Everything was hassle-free at a lesser cost. Having Google as a partner also makes the endeavour reliable.

To make your team collaboration safe, secure and reliable choose Google Cloud. To help you in migration, contact DeskScaler, a certified Google Cloud Partner which will help you in transitioning to the Cloud.