Google Cloud Is The Preferred Choice By Global Companies

August 12, 2018. Written by Rudolph Ian Alama.


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Businesses thrive on innovation, either to be market leaders, connecting diverse workplaces or to bring added benefits to its clients like bring down costs of their products and services.

Google Cloud along with G Suite has been preferred by over 5-million businesses all over the world. The cloud along with the array of collaborative applications of G Suite formerly known as Google Apps for Work has been an integral part of the operations and growth of these big multinational companies.

Here are some of the success stories from among the different companies using Google Cloud and G Suite:

All Nippon Airways (ANA)

ANA is Japan’s largest airline, flying to different destinations around the world. With its different global hubs, the Airline uses G Suite to connects its workforce from pilots, flight attendants, ground crews and staffs of other divisions. It doesn’t matter if the staff or flight crew are in an airport in London or in Tokyo they can collaborate easily with G Suite they can create and share Google Docs, Slides and Sheets with Google Drive as the collaboration platform.

Centro Medico Santagostino

Italy’s fastest growing healthcare provider Centro Medico Santagostino has used Google Drive to connect with its 240,000 patients. Using Google Drive the company provides an efficient healthcare system without investing in expensive IT infrastructure.  This eventually makes healthcare prices affordable for many people. Also, sensitive information about their patients is secure and safe in the drive.

Also with 50% growth in its customers, Google has provided a scalable cloud platform that matches the company’s growth.


A multinational brand manufacturer of home appliances, geographical barriers and distances between its workforce led Whirlpool to use G Suite in connecting its employees spread around the world. The company wanted the best of global ideas and apply them locally. G Suite provides the right tools to connect its people. It helps them achieve their goal of having a “winning workplace.”

Design Within Reach

A modern furniture designer and maker based in the United States with retail locations across North America has utilized G Suite to replace its previous technology platform which uses extensive physical infrastructure like servers. The company wanted a more mobile and flexible IT system thus their migration to the Google Cloud.

In the highly competitive retail industry, seamless collaboration is needed to achieve sales growth thru promotions and marketing which is marked by the heavy exchange of files and data. With G Suite their marketing team can use shared calendars to track e-promotions, employees can track inventory via Google Docs. The different retail offices can connect easily via G Suite and this has enhanced their relationship with the clientele.

These are among the many satisfied clients of the Google Cloud if you want to help us in your G Cloud migration, you can contact Deskscaler, your certified Google Cloud Partner.