Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

We provide Cloud solutions, design, engineering, development, management and technical support using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Deskscaler, a certified Google Cloud Partner helps unlock new potentials using cloud-based ML and AI solutions that will bring new understanding and in finding solutions to your business.

Custom App Development

Thru the Google Cloud Platform, we help clients customize apps which are used in different fields and expertise such as learning architectural patterns and building greater mobile apps. With GCP, app development is now made with greater flexibility allowing developers from all over the globe to collaborate and sync in real-time.

GCP also expands the gaming platform enabling teams to better understand players and engage with users, this is done by providing dedicated servers in the cloud.

Google Maps and Geospatial

Publish your business location and mapping data online which builds a strong online presence. It enhances business efficiency and providing easy access to existing and prospective clients. We will help you go online and make tracking easier with Google Maps and Geospatial solutions, perfect for businesses involved in package deliveries, cab hailing services and food deliveries.