Up Your Game with G Suite

August 20, 2018. Written by Angel Lungtad.


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G Suite is a package of Google’s cloud-based applications and tools that connect people wherever they are in the world, whenever time they are in. We at Deskscaler, your certified Google Cloud Partner, are handling many G Suite sign up and G Suite migrations as many individuals and businesses have discovered the unlimited potentials of the Google cloud.

What are these opportunities?

Store, Sync, and Share with G Suite

G Suite allows seamless collaboration between team members. It is built for teams and connected organizations. With Google Drive, you can store your files, and the other team members can have access to their files with sync devices. It is highly accessible and you can work on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Members can create, edit or modify files in their drive which is shared in real-time.

Data Protection

Files stored in G Suite is well-secured. By design, the drive safely secures the files. Google constantly updates the security features of the drive. The data protection feature is why its a preferred cloud storage for many global brands.

Global Communication

With improved connectivity, communication is no longer just the exchange of calls or texts it now includes the flow of data. G Suite combines these into a modern global communication platform. Aside from shared files various apps like Google Hangouts allows high-quality video chats and calls across the world.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

With cloud storage, users can collaborate while working on large files. They do not have to worry about lack of storage spaces where to place their files as G Suite’s cloud storage allows the sharing of massive amounts of files.

Integration and Development

G Suite caters to different kinds of organizations and businesses with different tools at its disposal. For app makers, G Suite has App Maker tool which helps developers working on a certain custom-made application. Aside from Development, G Suite also has numerous ways to integrate these apps to be seamlessly used in the Suite.

If you’re still working with old archaic office technologies perhaps its time to empower your team and tap the unlimited potentials of the cloud thru G Suite. Move your team to the cloud and contact Deskscaler, your certified Google Cloud Partner.