10 Reasons Why Choose Google Drive for Your Business

September 18, 2018. Written by Angel Lungtad.


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We all waste time at work. If you want to streamline your business making it efficient, productive and highly-flexible then perhaps it is time to migrate to the Cloud with Deskscaler. Together with G Suite, we will help your team accomplish more at work, faster and smarter.

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage platform. It is secure and convenient to use with over 800 million people using it around the world.

The Drive has provided significant business advantages, let Google Drive help you to be the IT hero, providing cloud-based solutions enabling you to maximize numerous opportunities.

Here are ten (10) reasons why you should choose the unlimited possibilities of the Google Drive:

1. Easy to use

The Drive is simple to use. If you are included in the Drive’s access you can create, edit using the various apps on the drive like Google Docs, Slides, Sheets etc. Your activities can be accessed by your team.

2. Secure

Google Drive is a highly-secure location for your files. Google’s IT security made it so. They are constantly innovating and updating to make it more secure. With Google Cloud services, your authorised team member can securely access important and confidential documents using any internet-connected device.

3. Flexible

You can work anytime, anywhere. That is the power of the cloud. Google Drive can sync to any devices; desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. For those people on the go or whose work requires them to travel and go on field work, Google Drive helps you get connected to your office without having to be physically within its four walls.

4. Scalable

It can be scaled according to your type of business, from a small-scale enterprise up to large corporate setup.

5. Monitor your team productivity

Achieve and find time for your team’s goal with Google Calendar. Whether it is submitting reports, conducting training or working out regular tasks. With all the things we needed to do on a daily and weekly basis, and projects nearing deadline of submission, it’s probably very hard to find the time. Next thing you know it, your goal is either delayed or forgotten.

Google Calendar should help you make the most of your time. It is not just a tool for tracking events.

6. Real-time collaboration

Your team can now collaborate on shared docs, sheets, forms, and slides. Any upload or edited files in the drive is shared in real-time allowing multiple people to work in a single document. Formatting documents holding too much of our time taking away what’s really valuable, sharing insights. This enhances productivity and efficiency in your office.

7. File Storage

Can’t find your file you know you saved? According to a McKinsey report, employees spend almost two (2) hours a day searching and gathering information and searching for files. That’s a lot! Avoid losing files by using Team Drives, a central location that houses shared files. Team Drives also provides unlimited storage that is perfect for businesses working on large files or data. All team members can also access files or manage individual share permissions (full, edit, comment, or view access).

8. Reduce office’s IT costs

Instead of investing in infrastructure which requires large capital expenses and in the process of corporations takes so much time to approve and implement, with Google cloud scalable technologies where costs can just be part of the company’s regular operating expenses. You would stay up to date with current innovations by outsourcing through G Suite.

No need to hire IT experts or set up servers in your office. Google Drive’s business-friendly package cost includes 24/7 IT support.

9. You own the files

As the administrator of your company’s Google Drive, you control your staff’s access to the Drive. In case one of your staff is going on a vacation leave, you don’t have to worry about tracking down a file after someone leaves or granting access to every document you create.

10. Working with certified partners

Google has certified partners who will assist you in migrating to the cloud. One of these partners is Deskscaler who aims to help your company in working with the Google Cloud platform.

Stop wasting time on menial tasks and focus more on important, strategic work. To learn more about G Suite that can help you save time, visit www.deskscaler.com or contact us. Our dedicated Customer Service Team will contact you as soon as possible.