Additional controls to display sender attribution for shared mailboxes

January 9, 2020. Written by Tristan Hough.


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Organizations use multiple forms of shared mailboxes in G Suite. For example, if an executive admin replies on behalf of a CEO from the CEO’s mailbox, attribution to the sender makes it clear who actually wrote and sent the email.

And, if you use an info@company.com mailbox to connect with clients, clients can interpret both answers as equally valid, without understanding that sally@company.com, and jim@company.com, sent them.

Now G Suite is adding new settings for how to view the “Sender Attribution for Shared Mailboxes.” Now, attribution to senders is always enabled — this will stay the default setting unless the admin or end-user disables it.

There is a new configuration in Gmail for end-users where you can decide what details are included in the email header of delegated messages received.

For administrators, there is a new setting in the admin console that helps you to mask certain attributions in your domain or organizational unit (OU) for shared mailboxes. It overrides the user configuration in G Suite and disables it.

With these new functions, you can now manage and configure how your domain, OU, or individual user level attribution is handled.

To learn more about G Suite New Controls, visit the google blog post or contact us.