G Suite Admin Console now allows Windows 10 device management

January 17, 2020. Written by Tristan Hough.


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With a new beta, G Suite is now enabling greater desktop security for Windows. This will allow you and your organization to use the Admin console to manage and secure Windows 10 devices, just like you do today for Android, iOS, Chrome, and Jamboard devices. It will also allow SSO so that users on Windows 10 devices can more easily access the G Suite and other SSO-enabled applications.

G Suite admins can use these new controls to:

  • Allow their organization to use current G Suite account credentials to connect to Windows 10 devices and access SSO apps and services quickly.
  • Secure user accounts with anti-phishing, anti-hijacking and malicious tools for login detection
  • Make sure all Windows 10 devices that are used to access G Suite are better, safe and within standards
  • Perform admin actions on Windows 10 devices from the cloud without specific network requirements, such as wiping a device and pushing updates to device configuration

Furthermore, this also makes life easier for users by reducing the hurdles and logins that are needed to access applications and get the job done. Users need to sign in to their Windows 10 devices just once with their G Suite login credentials, and they will be able to access Google Apps and any other enterprise cloud applications with SSO enabled without further logins.

Sign up for the beta here and contact us.