G Suite Solutions for Non-Profit Orgs and Government offices

August 29, 2018. Written by Angel Lungtad.


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Government Offices and Non-Profit Organizations have one thing in common, their organizations are not built for business. Running or managing them comes with a unique set of challenges.

These basically deal with public service. For non-profit organizations these could involve several issues and advocacies like for example the environmental conservation, human rights, universal healthcare and education. While government basically deals with providing basic services, upholding law and order etc.

One of the primary consideration is optimizing operations while keeping the costs and expenses lower as most of these orgs have shoestring budget or their resources are allocated for core services.

They also comes with set of challenges. For government, this deals with diverse and complex datasets like records. For those dealing with a growing population you would need secure storage infrastructure and analytics technologies which the Google Cloud Platform can provide.

With GCP you can scale your storage and analytic capabilities to meet growing demand. Cloud solutions are easily adaptable for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

With G Suite those working in the government will be equipped with tools that will connect them and enhance collaboration. Shared platforms on tools such as Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Calendar etc. will allow efficient transaction of government work which would end red tape.

With easy-to-use apps, it would enhance connections between the government and its citizens. Town Hall meetings can be done thru HangOuts, Community problem areas can be identified in Google Maps, create apps for weather updates using the App engine and many more.

For Non-Profit Orgs the G Suite enables co-workers to collaborate and innovate together to push their objectives. G Suite are simple solutions that effectively manages non-profit organizations at a very low cost.

Cost-effective solutions is very important for these orgs as sometimes they operate on a very smaller budget as compared to profit-oriented companies thus one needs to maximize the org’s productivity without sacrificing the budget which could be allocated to the pursuit of its core advocacy.

With G Suite, the org can:

  1. Communicate efficiently
  2. Collaborate from anywhere
  3. Stay on Task, Stay on Time
  4. Connect with ease
  5. Store data in a safe, secure and unlimited storage facility

If you are in a government agency or a Non-Profit Org and if you want to discuss things or is convinced that the Google Cloud is the way to go, you can contact us at Desckscaler, your certified Google Cloud partner