Google Cloud Platform is a game changer

August 29, 2018. Written by Angel Lungtad.


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Would you want an unparalleled gaming experience by connecting to so many players scattered all around the world and are utilizing different platforms?

With Google Cloud Platform, we synchronize data from mobile devices, consoles and personal computers and lets you control the game through the cloud. From dedicated servers, Gaming and Media companies are now turning to the Cloud to connect to millions of players around the world using multiple platforms.

The Google Cloud Platform unites the various gaming platforms into a Cloud powered by Google’s massive infrastructure. By combining cloud and client’s devices into one single platform, GCP allows a shared gaming experience which allows greater collaboration among multitudes of players.

The GCP also provides cloud services that is very useful in several aspects of gaming, from game development, game hosting, gaming analytics, gaming backend database. The Google Cloud can answer your needs.

Indeed in the world of gaming, the GCP is a game changer with these following features;

Dedicated cloud for cross-platform games

Google cloud infrastructure can provide scalable services for gaming backend operations. This can be used in digital content, player matching, real-time multiplayer setup and streaming fresh content.

Real-time Sync

With GCP you can sync your game state in real-time. We have SQL to NoSQL solutions synchronize data for your massive number of players spread globally.

Real-time insights

Our game data analytics platform is very useful for understanding players particularly their progress, their preferences, behaviour and engagements.


GCP is a cost-effective solutions provider with scalable features. Google’s expansive global fiber infrastructure provides speed and latency for a satisfying game experience.

With Deskscaler Google Cloud Platform certified partner, we can help you be the game changer and reach a massive global audience. If you have plans of migrating to the Google Cloud you can contact our authorized representative and we’d be glad to discuss the limitless opportunities of the Google Cloud with you.