Got huge data? No problem!

December 17, 2019. Written by Tristan Hough.


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The complexity of the enormous amount of data in the world today is overwhelming and running a business on its own storage infrastructure to store this huge amount of data is quite a challenge, not to mention its costs. The introduction of the cloud gave more value in storing huge amounts of data while making it easier to collaborate between teams in your organisation and optimising the infrastructure costs. But it is not as easy as it sounds. You have to actually get your data into the cloud before everything else.

Introducing Transfer Service for on-premises data, Google Cloud’s new software service that helps organisations accomplish their large-scale, online data transfers. 0n-premises data transfers are so complex and can get slippery as organisations can’t anticipate the costs and its long-term resourcing. With Transfer Service for on-premises data service from Google Cloud, organisations can now move large-scale data transfers online without needing to engineer and customise their software or invest some off-the-shelf, physical solution. It also validates data integrity, making online data transfers with confidence; and without requiring complicated codes and maintenance, allowing innovation across the organisation.

To start with the Transfer Service for on-premises data, just follow these three steps:

  1. Install the on-premises software.
  2. Go to Cloud Console.
  3. Submit directories to transfer to Cloud Storage.

Take note that when transferring data, this service will work the transfer parallel across many agents, coordinate the agents to transfer data over a secured internet connection to the Cloud Storage. During the transfer, the service has a fully self-service GUI showing detailed transfer logs encouraging the user to create, monitor, and manage the transfer confidently.

To learn more about how the service work, contact us.