Help your team with four new resources to get more out of G Suite

December 20, 2019. Written by Tristan Hough.


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G Suite recently released four innovative ways to help the business understand how to use G Suite and transition towards a more modern working experience.

  • The G Suite Welcome Center: The Welcome Center gives users tools and a road map to get to know G Suite. This center includes the learning center information, support guides for each application, switching guides, new course on Sheets Coursera and more.
  • The Hangouts Meet Starter Kit: The kit helps drive improvement and promotes staff to switch to Meet Hangouts. This includes:  
    • Admins may submit customized email models to users about how to use Meet.
    • Tip sheets of best practices in integration, resource change management, and IT admin Q&A to help manage the transition
    • Printable posters and meeting room cards to boost Meet awareness and show your team how to use it.
  • G Suite for Power Users: This page contains uniquely designed tools for advanced users, so they can get even more out of G Suite.
  • G Suite Hack for power users: This program includes five tasks that employees should undertake at their own speed, empowering them with an enjoyable way to learn about G Suite.

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