Improve Your Team’s Productivity with G Suite

September 18, 2018. Written by Angel Lungtad.


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The technology was invested and have revolutionised our perspective of the world. However, we fear potentials will only do harm, not knowing that these technological breakthroughs can improve people’s lives. The adage “innovate or die” still rings true particularly in highly-competitive markets, and going online has opened access to new opportunities. Technology is not just about digitising your existing business but creating new kinds of entrepreneurs and industries.

Now, let us improve your team’s productivity and innovation with G Suite. Formerly called the Google Apps for Work, G Suite is your perfect collaboration platform. Your team gets to store, sync, and share files and documents with colleagues. It has opened opportunities to big and small business with access to online platforms. Through this, companies have more ways to reach customers and grow.

So how does G Suite will help improve your business productivity and innovation? Here are some of its features:

G Suite is a package of cloud-based apps and tools developed by that enables seamless collaboration between individuals improving team’s productivity.

Mobile Friendly

Google enables apps to be used by any mobile device. Files are accessed through a cloud platform with superb data protection and as a result, it provides flexibility to its users. Whether your Sales Team is on the road, they have access to email anytime, anywhere, using any device they choose. You can edit presentations while riding on the train without the internet, and they’ll be ready to send when they’re back online and just before the meeting starts.

Communicate Effortlessly

The shift to digital has transformed the small to big businesses. You can now connect easily to G Suite’s wide array of applications and improve your team’s productivity. Hangouts Meet, for example, has high-quality chats, video chat and call capability where you can call across the world for free. Your business has become a connected organisation, enhancing productivity, and fostering innovation within the team. Technology is not all about digitising existing business, it also creates a new breed of entrepreneurs and industries.

Sync Real Time

G Suite apps are synced in real time allowing greater interactivity without being limited by a physical office. With G Suite, work is no longer confined to the old office setup. There is no downtime in waiting when files are created and edited in the Google Drive. It is automatically shared with the team. Simply move all your internal communications, announcements, policy updates, and training materials right to your virtually limitless storage.

Google Drive

Finally, automate simple processes to drive the team’s productivity. It is a highly secure cloud platform where you can store your files and share it with the team. With unlimited cloud storage, you don’t have to worry if you are working on large files. But more than that, technology has made our lives easier, faster, better, and more fun. Moreover, it allows us to run organisations more efficiently, better serve customers, and increase overall profit margins.

G Suite enables you to streamline your office and creates an environment conducive to innovation. If you are interested in learning more about G Suite, contact Deskscaler, a certified Google Cloud Partner is here to help you migrate to the Cloud. For inquiries or more information, you can contact us.