Finance Services

Secure your future. With Google Cloud Platform, we provide business solutions at breakneck speed and with greater flexibility. Our mobile device management and device-level encryption protects confidential client information at a lower cost.


Deskscaler also provides the tools that can help those engage in retail. Be in store or online, our company’s various Google Cloud Platform solutions can help scale your business growth, anticipate demand, analyze sales data and achieve sales targets.

Media, Advertising & Entertainment

With Deskscaler you can reach out to more people. Spread your content across the globe using the Google Cloud Platform where teams can render huge files even during peak times, launch new applications and live stream videos to mass audiences.

Non-Profit Organisations

Communicate and collaborate effectively via G Suite at a lesser cost. By creating information hub, the Drive can store your policy updates, internal communications, training materials and announcements. Deskscaler will help your team migrate to the cloud by giving access to staff members or just a select group to the information stored in your Team Drive.

Gaming & Mobile

We’ll help you synchronize your data with the Google Cloud Platform across all types of devices from mobile, gaming console, to PC and let you manage your game in the cloud. With gaming analytics platform you will be provided with real-time insights and analysis from our data experts that will help you build and understand your players’ needs. GCP also connects all players around the globe with real-time syncing.