Powering up Retail with Google Cloud

August 29, 2018. Written by Angel Lungtad.


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Ocado is one of the world’s largest online-only grocery retailer. Based in the United Kingdom the company has grown to about 600,000 active shoppers, 260,000 weekly orders.

In an effort to improve its operational efficiency and customer care it has teamed up with Google Cloud to provide flexibility and performance to handle massive and complicated data challenges of the company.

Using Google Cloud’s machine learning particularly its Tensor Flow which created a machine-learning algorithm that tags and categorizes customer emails and prioritizes them for responses.

For example, a customer who emails Ocado that one of her ordered items is missing in the delivered grocery is given priority response as compared to a customer who raves about a certain product he purchased.

These are among the innovations introduced by the Google Cloud to Ocado. The GCP brings scalable cloud technology with flexible storage, reliable network and powerful computing to your business.

Here are some of the advantages GCP brings to your retail company

Scale for Peaks and Spikes

With GCP you can adjust or scale the operations of various cloud solutions based on the peak and spikes of your business. GCP can scale up for pre-planned sales days and surges in retail traffic and in slow retail days, it can scale down and pay for the time you use.

Optimizing inventory, marketing and pricing processes

With Google Cloud’s Machine Learning you can anticipate demand based on trends and data more effectively. Our Big Data can help you with the ideal price point of conversion. It also provides real-time insight into hot-selling and slow-moving items.

Connecting Shoppers

GCP can help push hyper-personalized recommendations based on customer behaviors. It also enables easier product discovery with an image-based search. Improve customer relations with modern conversational commerce.

Meet the needs of omnichannel shoppers

Google cloud helps to meet shoppers needs whether they are in the physical store or shopping online. With Chrome Digital Signage, Google Maps API and IoT solutions you can deliver the right offer to your customers. You can create and develop customer applications with the App Engine and manage with unprecedented flexibility in retail services across stores and mobile and social media channels using the Google Cloud’s Apigee API platforms.

If you want to power up your retail business, we at Deskscaler a certified Google Cloud Platform partner can help you migrate to the Cloud and revolutionize your retail business. You can contact our authorized representative.