Traditional Organisations VS Digital Companies Today

September 18, 2018. Written by Angel Lungtad.


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Companies today are being replaced approximately over two (2) weeks. While traditional organisations are seeking ways to remain competitive. More enterprises including Nielsen, Colgate, and Airbus are turning to G Suite to help them be at par with their competitors.

G Suite brings many advantages to our businesses where it has become a necessity. It has provided us with a hassle and stress-free business environment promoting efficiency, productivity and collaboration.

Let us compare the old office setup and the new with G Suite:

Increased Flexibility

Most business or old office setup takes place in an office environment and files are still stored on the office servers. Also, many office environments are a place where ideas are exchanged and collaborations happen among teams. However, we have to always have to go to our office and work where the files are stored on our desktop computers.

This is where G Suite comes in. Created by Google, the G Suite is a hub of cloud-based mobile and desktop applications that aims to empower your business and the people behind it with tools that could enhance their tasks. The office files are now stored in the cloud storage and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. We don’t have to be confined to the old office setup to do our work anymore. This is perfect for people doing so much fieldwork.

Aside from being accessed thru desktops, G Suite can be synced with phones or tablets. It can also run thru IOS and Android. We can have an extended tropical holiday and never miss work as G Suite allows users to seamlessly collaborate with colleagues.

Enhanced collaboration between team members

Every business or organisation has its dynamics and level of collaboration between its personnel varies. The collaborative feature of the Google Drive is one of the heavily maximised tools in G Suite.

The old office setup would be through emails, files and tasks sent via email which could be chaotic and stressful.

While the core of G suite is its improved Gmail account. Simple to learn and easy to use, every account has a 30GB of cloud storage of files, folders, and important materials commonly accessed by the organisation. Each team member can contribute, edit or upload new files to the drive which are accessible in real-time. These files can either be Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Forms. We can create or edit new files without installing a new software.

Above all, increased collaboration within members of the team brings good results. The old adage “two heads are better than one” rings so much true. Current innovation, particularly in cloud-based technology, aims to create a seamless synergy between employees, partners, and customers.

Ease of use, reduced IT cost

In the past, new office technology can be accessed thru the installation of programs or software. It would mean allocating funds for capital outlay for new software or programs. G Suite doesn’t require the installation of expensive software under its platform.

Indeed the array of advantages one can get by using G Suite has empowered not just business owners but also its employees.

One industry with the most to gain is the Legal Industry which is typically operated from manual paper based systems. For specific Legal IT Solutions please contact our partner ServiceScaler.

If you’re still working with old archaic office technologies perhaps it is time to empower your team and tap the unlimited potentials of the cloud using G Suite. Move your team to the cloud and contact us. Deskscaler is your Certified Google Cloud Partner.