The Advanced Protection Program now utilizes mobile phones as security keys

January 16, 2020. Written by Tristan Hough.


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Now you can use your mobile phone as a security key in the Advanced Protection Program for your business. This means you can use the built-in security key for 2-Step Verification of your Android or iOS devices and makes it easier and quicker to secure high-risk users with G Suite best security settings for your account.

The Advanced Protection Program for the enterprise implements a package of multiple security policies that can help protect employee accounts that are most at risk for targeted attacks. Through including the ability to use your phone with this advanced program as a security key, we hope that more G Suite users will be able to take advantage of the protection it provides due to:

  • Simpler registration – Users are able to easily sign up using apps they already have.
  • Intuitive user experience – Users are familiar with the mobile phones interface, and often already carry phones with them.
  • Lower costs – Decreases the need to obtain security keys.

Users can learn and sign up for the Advanced Protection Program at g.co/advancedprotection

Feel free to contact us to find out more.