The Game Changer in Media and Entertainment

August 29, 2018. Written by Tristan Hough.


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The Media and Entertainment industry now deals with a broad worldwide audience and spreading that content thru the four corners of the world needs massive infrastructure and network.

This is where Google Cloud can help your business particularly dealing with business related to media and entertainment. GCP enables you to render huge workloads during peak times, launch new media applications, livestream video to mass audiences among many other services plus GCP solutions can be adapted for multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

Today, Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming service, to accommodate massive streaming queries it tapped the Google Cloud to complement its existing data centers.

With Google Cloud Platform it can query two-billion playlists. The company is using GCP’s to perform in-depth and interactive analysis in an unprecedented scale. It also using Cloud Pub/Sub, GCP’s global service for messaging and streaming data, to gather and forward hundreds of thousands of messages per second.

Aside from music streaming, GCP is also being used by Hollywood Studios such as Filmograph, a small movie production studio which was tapped by Lionsgate to make the main on-end title sequence for the “Power Rangers” Movie.

Filmograph was able to render the Computer Graphics title sequence using the Google Cloud Platform as a rendering farm. Instead of building a physical computer graphics render farm they were able to tap GCP and did it in just four weeks.

Pocket Gems, a mobile gaming application also uses GCP to scale up its operations when game play spikes to millions of players. That would need a massive server infrastructure but all thanks to the automatically scalable GCP, they were able to optimize the processing of game plays depending on the number of players engaged in the game.

Spotify, Filmograph and Pocket Gems are just among the brands which utilizes GCP for its operations in the field of media and entertainment.

Here are among the inherent advantages when one taps the Google Cloud:

Scalable and Flexible

Media and Entertainment services frequently deals with spikes and downtimes in user engagement. GCP automatically powers up it servers if there is a spike in users or players and slows down during downtimes.

Streamlining operations

These fields of industry will massive data flow would need large servers and data centers with people to staff it. Using the Cloud which uses the same infrastructure as Google, you don’t need to spend capital expenditures to build legacy data centers to run your applications.

Create personalized content-
Turn your data into insights which enables you to deliver personalized content. With the help of Big Query serverless data storage center provide scalable, quick-paced queries using pentabytes of data.

Machine Learning

Add intelligence to your content through machine learning as GCP has an array of Machine Learning programs that will help you in managing and improving content. ML programs can create a searchable digitized content database, generating close captions for multiple languages or optimizing audience segmentation.

Security and Compliance
Our data security system protects users particularly intellectual property and user profile/information. GCP offers identity management, network security and threat detection and other security response capabilities. GCP products has passed strict global security and privacy standards.

Indeed the GCP has become a game changer in media and entertainment and is a preferred choices by top global brands such as Spotify, Filmograph and Pocket Gems.

If you have queries or is interested in migrating to the Google Cloud, we at Deskscaler your certified Google Cloud partner will be very glad to help you. You may contact our authorized representative.