Tools To Help Your Team Work Faster and Smarter

September 17, 2018. Written by Angel Lungtad.


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Today’s workplace is vastly different than it was 30 years ago. Previously, offices rely greatly on a single time, in a single location, to get things done. These days, businesses are highly evolved, more diverse, dynamic and distributed than ever before. Decision making has to be efficient, appropriate and should be for the businesses’ best adaptable to change and time should be utilised accordingly. Mistakes are no longer an option. G Suite makes all of these possible. It transforms the way team collaborates with intelligent tools that help teams solve problems, work faster and smarter, and focus their time on work that matters most.

Deskscaler is a certified G Suite partner. Our competent team of IT professionals will help you upgrade your business. We will assist you in making your teams work faster and smarter with G Suite.

What is G Suite?

G Suite is a package of cloud-based productivity tools. It provides seamless collaboration with your business team allowing them to work faster and smarter.

There are over 5 million users of G Suite all around the world. Ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Among these companies include All Nippon Airways (ANA) which uses G Suite to connect its personnel spread all across the airports around the world. Leading home appliance manufacturer also utilizes G Suite to connect its workforce from different continents.

G Suite provides endless opportunities for businesses. Here are among the features of G Suite worth exploring:

1) Faster Collaboration

Just store, sync and share with G Suite. It’s user-friendly and easy-to-understand, you don’t need a huge amount of training to integrate your team into G Suite. Thus a faster transition of new employees to the drive.

Save your files in the Google Drive which allows it to be shared with the rest of your business team in real-time. The seamless collaboration enables faster work done as compared to old systems.

Using Hangouts Meet, a centralised platform to stay aligned on projects and make decisions quicker. It links where a team can jump into a meeting whether it’s an interbranch or overseas. You can now work on projects from different places and easily discuss the launching of your new store or products. And solving problems face-to-face with teammates over video conferencing right away.

2) Smarter office leads to productivity

The machine learning features of G Suite takes away menial tasks away from end-users. Studies show that an employee spends a significant amount of time doing non-core stuff such as looking for files or scheduling meetings and activities. And before you know it, your goals are if not delayed, forgotten.

Check your schedule starting today, allowing employees to manage time more effectively and focus on more important tasks. Find time for your goals with smart scheduling in Google Calendar making files searching and schedule meetings more efficient.

3) Google Drive

The heart of the G Suite is a secured unlimited cloud storage known as Google Drive. Save your files in the Drive keeping all your work safe and secure. You can access it anywhere and share them instantly with your teammates. Gone are the days of cluttered inboxes and working with the chaos of email attachments which slows down work. Google Drive presents a highly-organized storage which can make your business life easier. This allows Marketing Departments to upload latest product photos that need to be updated every now and then.

4) Work Anywhere

Get unlimited flexibility with G Suite, you can work on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Often our work is slowed down with an office-centric business, very dependent on the tools located in the physical office to do our job, G Suite’s cloud-based tools such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Slides, Calendars breaks geographical boundaries and allows users to work anywhere and anytime.

The future of business is efficiency and productivity, businesses that innovate, which can work faster and smarter are one which thrives and survives.

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